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Bita Riazati is a psychoanalyst in private practice and holds registration in Australia as a psychologist. She has undertaken studies in Freud and Lacan and has dedicated years in undertaking her own intensive psychoanalysis with her own psychoanalyst, and supervision in psychoanalysis. She is a writer and holds post-graduate degrees in Arts & Journalism and Psychology. Enquire about psychoanalysis 0433781919

There is no single interpretation of ‘home’, and yet all know when we are not there. Sometimes we feel out of place, or a sense of a being that is displaced. We are in one way or another seeking our place in the world, or wanting to create a place of our own.

Bita Riazati psychoanalysis


Bita Riazati is a Psychoanalyst in Melbourne Private Practice.

Psychoanalysis treats the whole person. I see any one who wants to speak, and any one suffering with or without a diagnosed medical, psychological or health problem.

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