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I am a practicing psychoanalyst and psychologist in private practice in Melbourne. However, this website is for my musings, creative writing, humor and various other notes. This is a personal blog and doesn’t contain clinical advice. These are my opinions, reviews, and the writings do not represent my clinical memberships. You may wish to refer to my clinical website for treatment, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Hope you enjoy (umm saying cautiously) your time on my blog.

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  • A City’s Tale – A Tribute to Forough

    (This essay contains fragments from a talk I presented at a symposium in Melbourne in Aug 2018.) PART 2 of the talk. Today, I open my talk with an extract of a poem by Forough Farokhzad, my presentation today is about her sense of longing in her poetry. She unabashedly put forth her uncensored words…

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  • PODCAST: Episode 1 – Relationships (PERSIAN)

    روابط چیست؟

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  • Psychoanalytic Explorations of Forensic Themes of Limit & Consent in the Film Perfume, The Story of a Murderer

    Jacques Lacan’s work helps us define clinical structures based on his formulated three registers of the imaginary, symbolic and the real which provide a theory for framing human experience. People’s experience fluctuate between desire and jouissance. In basic terms desire is moving us towards meaning and healthy adaptive living in society with others with limits,…

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  • A Poet’s Fantasy, A Persian Romance

    (This essay contains fragments of a talk I presented at a symposium in Melbourne in 2018.) The epic love story of Qays (known as Majnun) and his beloved Leili is a Persian tragedy written by the 11th century poet, Nezami Ganjavi. Over the centuries, the legend became the ultimate meaning of love in cultures influenced…

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  • A Purple Car In Melbourne

    Recently I saw a purple BMW and the thought of this purple BMW in the Melbourne traffic stayed with me. It was a disruption. The purple was a purple without a metallic shine. It looked like Hobby the Turkish chocolate my father bought for me each time I visited my uncle’s shop together with him…

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  • 2023 Australian Medicare Debate: The Better or Worse Access to Mental Health

    This is a hot topic right now considering the Australian Government just cut 10 sessions from the already very limited 20 Medicare rebates for psychology. I am a critic of the Medicare Better Access Initiative and I have wanted to write something about it for some time. I participated in writing an APS submission regarding…

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  • Love & Desire

    We always fall in love without knowing what it was that made us fall in love in the first place. It could be a first thought that passed through our mind that gave us a pleasant feeling. Have you ever had this when you met someone and you thought what a nice hair they have,…

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  • Film Review – Birds by Hitchcock

    I have recently joined a psychoanalytic film club. We will be discussing films. I have attended the first session where we discussed Adieu Lacan (2022). It was about the analytic treatment of a woman, perhaps interesting to people who already practice clinical psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic film theory is also apparently a thing. It is interesting to…

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  • The Epic Tale of Exile

    (The poetry fragments are by Forough Farokhzad. This essay is the introduction of something I was developing and presented at a conference in Melbourne in 2019.) My talk today is a continuation from what I was developing last year aboutmy city. Today I will continue to speak about the bodies that inhibit othercities. Exile is…

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